Summer 2004

Table of Contents


David Sanders
  1. Nothing Matters
James Mathews
  1. You Have to Want It
Nance Van Winckel
  1. Never the Face
John Vanderslice
  1. Easy Prey


David Adams
Jason Stumpf
  1. Mark Rothko
  2. Nightmusic
Wayne Miller
  1. The Tightrope Walker
  2. The Dream Maker
Don Welch
  1. The Gale
Mary Ruefle
  1. Brief Candle
  2. Lines Written on A Blank Space
Mark Halliday
  1. The Lyric I
Rhiannon Dickerson
Amy Newman
  1. To lose one's chastity. Used especially of a woman.
Eric Schwerer
  1. Pavilion #7
Cassie Sparkman
  1. Flood
Amy McCann
  1. Between the Wedding and What Comes After
Kate Wells
  1. Fall Yard Work with an Ordinary Friend
John Sackreiter
  1. Midwestern
Doug Sanders
  1. Nebraska
  2. Apollo and Daphne
William Kloefkorn
  1. Moving Away
Sarah Steinke
  1. Sitting Across from Picasso's Nude
Ray Gonzalez
  1. Dead Monarchs, Knife River, Minnesota
Richard Lehnert
  1. To the Close Call
Ellen Dudley
  1. Loihi
Scott Topper
  1. The Market as a Child
Laurie Blauner
  1. The Hit Man's Description of His Gun
Johnny Horton
  1. Against Speaking
  2. What I Wouldn't Say to the Son I Never Had
Diana Marie Delgado
  1. Correspondence
Dan Kaplan
  1. Understudy


Fleda Brown
  1. Summer House


Philip Terman
  1. Saying the Unsayable: on Li-Young Lee and David Swerdlow
Peter Makuck
  1. Forms of Praise: on Brendan Galvin

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