Winter 2005

Table of Contents


Erin Flanagan
  1. Every Sad Detail
Karina Fuentes
  1. Blissful Square
Melanie Conroy-Goldman
  1. Bleeding to Sleep
Christoper Torockio
  1. Conservation


Elizabeth Dodd
  1. Walden, Woods
Marianne Abel-Lipschutz
  1. Delivering the Deads


David Young
  1. Walking Home on an Early Spring Evening
Angie Estes
  1. Accidental
  2. In Vogue
Brendan Galvin
  1. Carolina Deja Vu
  2. Self-Elegy: Dungallon Wasterly Tending
David Citino
  1. He's Feeling a Little Sorry
Jean Kane
  1. Magic 8 Ball
  2. Doris Tamalounis
Michael Burkard
  1. Clerk
  2. Fargo, North Dakota
David Kirby
  1. The Four Tops
Adria Fernandez
  1. 1 Diciembre 2002
Jim Daniels
  1. Electric Wallet
Al Maginnes
  1. The Song in the Background
Darin Ciccotelli
  1. The Secret of Movies
  2. Equinox
Rebecca Hoogs
  1. Grenade
Kate Michaelson
  1. Proverbs from the Magic Show
  2. What You Have to Work With
Jennifer Militello
  1. Answering Fear As if it Were a Question
Allen Braden
  1. Imagery
Tracy DeBrincat
  1. Pescadero
  2. St. Hatrack
Stan Sanvel Rubin
  1. Homeless
Gary Fincke
  1. A Scenario of Accomplices
Brigitte Byrd
  1. Withered Away
Eduardo C. Corral
  1. The Blindfold
Daniel Lusk
  1. White Dream, Holy Moly
Roy Seeger
  1. The Art of Sleeping #9
Laura Stott
  1. Life of the Desert Song
  2. As Goodbye Became


Peter Makuck
  1. Angels of Place: On James Harms

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