Summer 2005

Table of Contents


Ronna Wineberg
  1. A Celebration of the Life of the Reverend Canon Edward Henry Jamison
Tom Noyes
  1. Here, There, Yonder
Bruce Tallerman
  1. The Swimming Pool
Andi Diehn
  1. Year, One


J.D. Smith
  1. The News
Patrick Madden
  1. Hepatitis


Hadara Bar-Nadav
  1. You Must Leave One Thing Standing
Martha Rhodes
  1. Low Ceiling'd
Jonah Winter
  1. Catechisms for a New Orthodoxy
  2. The Cold Winter's Night Within the Cold Winter's Night
  3. Putting the Last Fairy Tale to Rest
Reginald Shepherd
  1. Shadows and Tall Trees
  2. Something to Remember Me By
Laura Hope-Gill
  1. Trap
James Arthur
  1. Swimming Pool
  2. Horse
Jerzy Kronhold
  1. The Ball
  2. What Are the Tawny Old Owls Talking About
Beth Simon
  1. Dawn at Dulles Int'l
Kevin Prufer
  1. The Minor Politician
Ariane Bolduc
  1. Desire & Need
Susanne Kort
  1. Arcadia
  2. Getting the Good of It
David Kirby
  1. Big Pillock
Leslie Shipman
  1. My Father and the Three-Legged Dog
Simon Perchick
  1. *
David Citino
  1. Making Faces
Chris Souza
  1. Past Waking
Jonathan Shapiro
  1. Here and There
  2. Reservoir
Nance Van Winckel
  1. Our Ladies of Elsewhere
Billy Reynolds
  1. In Answer to Piri's Question What's a Fraction
Holly Posner
  1. Revision at 2:00 a.m.
  2. Second Skin
Jeanine DeRusha
  1. How to Make Your Bed
David Lazar
  1. You Can't
Jim Daniels
  1. Abandoned, Detroit
Jerry Harp
  1. Creature Sleepless
Chris Forhan
  1. Dream: Obedience
Kathleen Spivack
  1. Watercolor


Peter Makuck
  1. Power: on Thomas Reiter

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