Winter 2006

Table of Contents


Pamela Carter Joern
  1. Ghost Town
Maureen Leary
  1. Wee World
Roberta Murphy
  1. Crash at Laugharne
Sharon Oard Warner
  1. Love Child


Elizabeth Bales Frank
  1. A Box to Be Buried In
Mark Halliday
  1. Lost Book


Mary Jo Bang
  1. A Boy at Play Is an Actor in a Tragedy
  2. Words
  3. What If
Hadara Bar-Nadav
  1. Breaking the Equation
Roy Bentley
  1. The Medium Eva C. with a Materialization on Her Head and a Luminous Apparition Between Her Hands, 1912
Joe Bonomo
  1. Installation
  2. Installation
Maxine Chernoff
  1. Pearl
Matthew Cooperman
  1. Day's Darwin
Wayne Dodd
  1. Where the Poo-bahs Were, on the Rostrum
Megan Gannon
  1. Testament
Stuart Greenhouse
  1. Leaving Thira to Meet Her
Paul Hoover
  1. River
Laura Kasischke
  1. New Dress
Jesse Lee Kercheval
  1. The moon is a dirty ice lake;
Joshua Kryah
  1. Approach, Open
Nancy Kuhl
  1. The Wife of the Left Hand
David Dodd Lee
  1. The Ditch
Alessandra Lynch
  1. Public
Sarah Maclay
  1. Ocean in White Chair
Louise Mathias
  1. The 10:15 to Cambridge
Amy Newman
  1. Inhalation
  2. What If
Emmy Perez
  1. Midnight Rooster Song
Bin Ramke
  1. Eclogue
Zach Savich
  1. For You to Find You Love Me, and Tell Me So
Eric Schwerer
  1. The Saint of Withdrawal
Lisa Sewell
  1. Extant-Extinct
Michael Snediker
  1. Actaeon
Jason Stumpf
  1. Soon
Cole Swensen
  1. How a Garden Encourages One to See Forever
  2. The Garden as a Unit of Measure
David Swerdlow
  1. The moon's light bores into the lake. This is the mind, both diligent
Tony Trigilio
  1. Evidence


Nancy Kuhl
  1. On Angie Estes
Peter Maluck
  1. On Philip Terman and Craig Challender

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