Summer 2006

Table of Contents


Jonathan Crimmins
  1. As Close to Invisible as a Butterfly Sees
Judith Ford
  1. Savasana
Jacob Russell
  1. Godzilla's Eye


Amanda McGuire
  1. Interest in Interiors: An Interview with Mary Ann Samyn


Suzanne Cleary
  1. Be Still and Know: Silence in the Poetry of Jean Valentine


Christopher Arigo
  1. Archived Imperatives III
Angela Ball
  1. Society For The Dissolution Of Learning
Jeffrey Bean
  1. In August
Agatha Beins
  1. Doubtful
Sarah Blackman
  1. How They Let The Tongue Loll
Michelle Boisseau
  1. You Won't Her Me Tell
Jaswinder Bolina
  1. Inspired by Actual Events
  2. What Awaits the Thunder
Wayne Dodd
  1. Encounters on a Temporal Plane
Sharon Dolin
  1. An Ideal Lure
Allen C. Fischer
  1. A Frog in Theory
Allen Goldbarth
  1. Reasonable
James Grabill
  1. Night Crickets Pulsing
Dan Kaplan
  1. [Someone has made off with my adage.]
Claudia Keelan
  1. Little Elegies (Self & Other)
  2. Little Elegies (cummingsworth)
Stephanie King
  1. Misdirection
Cynthia Lowen
  1. Looking Through the Wide End of the Telescope
Jon Luthro
  1. River Road
Erin Malone
  1. This & Thus Far
Nils Michals
  1. Field Study: Reason
  2. Theory of Shadows and Perspective
Amy Newman
  1. 1 October
  2. 2 October
Simon Perchik
  1. *
Donald Revell
  1. West Agate
Martha Ronk
  1. The black leaves of the tree print themselves
  2. You know how I am, he said, when it is getting late
Mary Ann Samyn
  1. Who Are the New Saints and What Are Their Miracles
  2. An Introduction to Devotion
  3. Wish and What Happens
Katherine Soniat
  1. From the Mountains to the City
  2. Murnau, 1912
Nance Wan Winckel
  1. Flagpole Sitter
  2. Lepers' Song (Misericord)
Amanda Rachelle Warren
  1. The Dream of the Forest
G.C. Waldrep
  1. Heir Apartment
  2. Slow Bloater, Lilac Dusk
  3. Three Cheers For The Pilot Light
Joshua Marie Wilkinson
  1. Deer & Salt Block
  2. Still Life with Cafeteria, Willow, Ropes, & a Legendary Curse
Charles Wright
  1. from Littlefoot


Nancy Kuhl
  1. On Sarah Manguso
Jay Thompson
  1. Margins: Ezra Pound's Uneasy Relationship With His Readers

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