Winter 2007

Table of Contents

Prose & Etc.

Wendy Barker
  1. Shop Talk
  2. Kind of Blue
  3. Slipping In
Michelle Disler
  1. Approximate number of times [BOND, James]
  2. Guide [BOND, James]
  3. True or False [BOND, James]
  4. Vanished [BOND, James]
Daryl Farmer
  1. Bicycling the Cowboy State
Mark Halliday and Martin Stannard
  1. Mabel & Modernity
Gretchen E. Henderson
  1. from "Wreckage: By Land & By Sea"
Kathleen Ossip
  1. The Tug of the Past & the Pull of the New: Reading in the U.K.
Kathleen Peirce
  1. Doing & Undoing our Heads: Some Thoughts on Birds in Poems


J.D. Chapman
  1. Every Penny as Big as the Moon
Anne Panning
  1. The Last House


Sophia de Mello Breyner Andressen
  1. Path (translated by Alexis Levitin)
Rae Armantrout
  1. New
  2. Outer
  3. The Program
Juda Bennett
  1. Forgotten Gods, Second Discovery
Molly Brodak
  1. Cabaret Voltaire
  2. Les Blessures Graves
  3. The Other Language
Melissa Dickey
  1. People Who Aren't Here
Jehanne Dubrow
  1. Shulamith Rereads The Shawl
Albert Goldbarth
  1. The Poem of Light & Dark
  2. Ylem
Jerry Harp
  1. A Book of Hours
  2. Underground Creature
Noelle Kocot
  1. A Day Without a Date
  2. Love in the Time of Jensen
Susanne Kort
  1. Pressing
J. Ladin
  1. Leaving
David Dodd Lee
  1. Ashbery Erasure: Local Time
  2. Ashbery Erasure: Sometimes in Places
Rachel Loden
  1. May 2, Helsinki. Snow
  2. The Ants Arrive With Maps
Roddy Lumsden
  1. Jackpot
Erin Malone
  1. Anniversary
  2. Mouth
Holaday Mason
  1. Sowing
  2. The Green Sea
Clay Matthews
  1. Eternia
Jennifer Militello
  1. Game with Horses Galloping, a Garland
Kathleen Ossip
  1. My 20th Century
Chad Parmenter
  1. [By this cypress root—by its grain eye]
  2. [If perfect fear]
  3. [Nude on the azotea]
Emily Perez
  1. Wheat Field with Crows
Kathleen Peirce
  1. Red Bird
Stephany Prodromides
  1. A Season of Snow
Stan Sanvel Rubin
  1. Happy
Reginald Shepherd
  1. Another Letter of the Alphabet
  2. Picture the Man with Ghosts
John Stammers
  1. ¿Que Pasa?
Kevin Stein
  1. Ike's Caddy
Masthias Svalina
  1. Creation Myth
Bradford Gray Telford
  1. Flaubertgasm #1
Amanda Traxler
  1. My Theory
Ryan Wells
  1. El Bautismo (As Dictated By El Brujo)
Dara Wier
  1. 95% of All Thoroughbred Horses Descend from Eclipse
  2. Ensure Recovery Collaboration Operation Project
  3. Princess Mimi Romanoff
Jon Woodward
  1. Hell Prescription for Careful Kangaroo
  2. In Artificial Time
Dean Young
  1. Flamenco
  2. Primitive Mentor
  3. Watchtower

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