Summer 2008

Table of Contents


Diana Adams
  1. Frankenstein in Alaska
  2. Property
  3. Smoke Vita
Sally Ball
  1. Wreck Me
Erin M. Bertram
Mary Biddinger
  1. Saint Monica and the Itch
Jaswinder Bolina
  1. Figurehead Perturbation 4
  2. Fort Chicago
Paula Cisweski
  1. Delayed Curse
  2. Forgotten Curses
  3. Lingering Curses I
Cynthia Cruz
Brett DeFries
  1. Shore
Wayne Dodd
  1. The Walks in Elizabeth Park (A Suite)
Dobby Gibson
  1. Fumage
  2. State Room
Albert Goldbarth
  1. "A Great Volume
Jennifer Gravley
  1. Both at once
Leilani R. Hall
  1. Regarding What Has Been Taught
Rebecca Keith
  1. Speak Like You're Sure This is Meant
David Dodd Lee
  1. Geology of the Lake Superior Basin
  2. Not A Landscape, Not A Teaspoon
  3. Them
Heller Levinson
  1. Cowboy Perfect
Lisa Lewis
Tim Lilburn
  1. Getting Ready
  2. It Is Speaking
  3. Meeting the Angel, Tasting What It Sees
Kristi Maxwell
Michael McLane
  1. On National Anthem by Kevin Prufer
Rusty Morrison
  1. An Intersection of Leaves Not Likeness
  2. An Intersection of Leaves Not Likeness
  3. An Intersection of Leaves Not Likeness
TaraShea Nesbit
  1. Isabelle
Caitlin Newcomer
  1. Division
Eric Pankey
  1. The Kingdom of Smoke
  2. Owl
Ethan Paquin
  2. Thirty-Nine Threads [Mortalite]
Chad Parmenter
  1. On DaZE by Matthew Cooperman
Allan Peterson
  1. As I Understand It
  2. Displacements
  3. The Future I Require
Stephany Prodromides
  1. Artist's Figures on a Hotel Couch
Kevin Rabas
  1. Birdie on the Roof
Brad Richard
  1. Self-Portrait as Pentheus
  2. Self-Portrait as Semele
Henry Ronan-Daniell
  1. Messiah Complex
Zachary Schomburg
  1. The Black Hole
  2. This Is Not Fog This Is Cobwebs
Lisa Sewell
  1. Murder on the Orient Express (1976)
Glenn Shaheen
  1. Supertower
Kent Shaw
  1. Confessions from a reticent sailor: The yarrow is gold like the sun
  2. Desire is light & heavy
Will Smiley
  1. The Next Room
Maggie Smith
  1. Apologue
Sally Smits
  1. orange
Katherine Soniat
  1. Stitchery
Gene Tanta
  1. three poems from Petronius Sonnet Cycle
Bronwen Tate
  1. Evoke the Forest Where His Lair is Hid
  2. Like Saints in Their Alcoves
Catherine Taylor
  1. Robben Island
Dannyka Taylor
  1. Aquarius
Craig Morgan Teicher
  1. A Voice
  2. The Last World
Lawrence L. White
  1. Dead Time
Tyrone Williams
  1. Comic Strip Search
  2. Unruly Variations [misread]
Sam Witt
  1. The Human Shell
Andrew Zawacki
  1. [from] Arrow's shadow

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