Winter 2009

Table of Contents


Paige Ackerson-Kiely
  1. Onward, Hoe
  2. [Driven all this way]
Carrie Olivia Adams
  1. A Mystery Story
Mary Lou Buschi
  1. Trees
Wayne Dodd
  1. Like, Lake
Sharon Dolin
  1. Thorny Bridge
Jennifer Edwards
  1. More Fun Than A Dinner Party
Angie Estes
  1. Script ("Folio 43," "Folio 83," and "Folios 20 and 74")
Albert Goldbarth

TLR Portfolio edited by David Dodd Lee

Dana Roeser
  1. Red Rubber Ball
Robert VanderMolen
  1. A Mist
  2. Late August
  3. A City
Lisa Fishman
  1. "We Procure means of Seeing Objects a-farr off"
  2. from "Lining"
  3. Was missing
Graham Foust
Nancy Botkin
  1. You Know Everything
  2. Poll
Gail Wronsky
  1. Eyes/Fish Scales
  2. The Descent
  3. Leaves/Tongues
  4. Leaves/Fresh Cream
Stella Vinitchi Radulascu
Dorothea Laskey
  1. Style is Joy
  2. Word
Angela Ball
  1. Big Fake Buttons
Chase Twichell
  1. Snakeskin
Louise Mathias
  1. Even Starlings
  2. Imprint
  3. Las Cruces
Cynthia Cruz
  1. Cinderella & Toby
  2. Cinderella "Woke in a drool"
  3. New York State
  4. The Great Destroyer
  5. Cinderella "In the blistering"
Jordan Davis
  1. Moving the Trees
Arthur Vogelsang
  1. Humanity
  2. Arthur Rimbaud
  3. Time II
Laura Kasischke
  1. Miles
  2. Animal, vegetable, mineral, mist
Franz Wright
  1. Mass of One
  2. In Lieu of Rent
  3. Don't Leave Your Elegy to Somebody Else
Arielle Greenberg
  1. Nuptial
  2. Your White Child
Norman Dubie
  1. In Iceland
  2. Tibet
  3. The Arbor
Matthew Zapruder
  1. You Have Astounding Cosmic News
Ralph Angel
  1. Other Means
  2. But Not in Life
Hugh Seidman
  1. For Jayne
  2. A Great Wind Is Bearing Me Across the Sky
Gretchen Mattox
  1. mount Washington, butterflies
  2. my whole purpose was digging for wasps

End of Section

James Harms
  1. It's OK If He's a Girl
Lola Haskins
  1. An Apropos of Nothing
Elizabeth Knapp
Susanne Kort
  1. Gauntlet
Matthew Lippman
  1. Piano
dawn lonsinger
  1. A Wreck of Nerves//& Birdlime
Charlie Malone
  1. from Manual
Glenn Mott
  1. Poetry Theme Park, #9
  2. Self-Taught Town
Sarah O'Brien
  1. [Picking up the envelope]
  2. [No one would take down the lightning rod]
Nate Pritts
  1. For My Mind Is in Constant Baffle
Kevin Prufer
  1. Citizen
  2. In Some Parts of the Movie We're Comrades
Deborah Anne Roth
  1. Take the Meat Away (Song of Mardi Gras After the Plague)
Stan Sanvel Rubin
  1. White
Roy Seeger
  1. The Art of Sleep #4
  2. The Art of Sleep #12
Mary Szybist
  1. You Tell Me to Take a—
  2. Bridal Veil Falls
Pablo Tanguay
  1. The Television Screens
Philip Terman
  1. Considering a Field
G.C. Waldrep
  1. At the Davy Crockett Museam
  2. Winning the Lottery
David Welch
  1. Three Stanzas on Dying
  2. Overture
Jared White
  1. Tales of the Cubists

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