Summer 2009

Table of Contents


Lisa Ohlen Harris
  1. Exiles
Mark Halliday and Martin Stannard
  1. The Phantom Minstrel
Laurie Blauner
  1. The Animal Who Wasn't There
  2. Walking the Animal
Bruce Bond
David Dodd Lee
  1. Fidelity to Rapture
  2. Unpopular Film
Rhiannon Dickerson
  1. A War Poem, a God Poem
Monique Ruiz
  1. The Real Thing
P.K. Harmon
  1. What City
  2. What Was What Is
John Hart
  1. Long Exposure
S. Whitney Holmes
  1. Given a Hand
  2. Spring Elegy
Paul Cockeram
  1. Bridges Burn
Dan Kaplan
Karla Kelsey
  1. On Its Stalk the Beryl Moon Rolls and Rolls
  2. What Vermillion Couldn't See
Anne Leahy
  1. Mountain (1)
  2. Mountain (2)
  3. Mountain (3)
Susanne Kort
  1. Living Room
  2. Splicing
Jennifer Militello
  1. Body Thesaurus
  2. Polygraph Test
Debra Brenegan
  1. Standing Heat
Simon Perchik
  1. *
Zach Savich
  1. A House Called Fire
  2. Post-script
Sarah Vap
  1. Logging-road envoy
  2. Meditation on pink
Reg Saner
R.D.T. Byrd
  1. Fire Has a Way of Following You Home
Seth Abramson
  1. A Condensed Room
  2. Deadwork
Collier Nogues
  1. A.W.O.L.
  2. How I Take Care of Her Now That She's Gone
Rachel Meier
  1. Causeway
George Looney
  1. Out of Jukeboxes and Car Radios
  2. A Failed Translation of the World
Jeff Hamilton
  1. In the Pastoral Mode
Elisa Gabbert
  1. I Even Feel Tired In My Dreams
  2. Decoherence
Barbara Claire Freeman
  1. The Second Inaugural
  2. The Third Inaugural
  3. The Hurricane of Independence
Elizabeth Dodd
  1. Refugium
Matthew Cooperman
  1. Spool 16
Adam Clay
  1. A Line in the Snow
  2. Recalling an Earlier Snow During a Present Storm
Wayne Miller
  1. A Prayer (O City—)
Randall Brown
  1. Two Dianas
Erik Anderson
  1. from The Opening of the Island
  2. from The Opening of the Island
  3. from The Opening of the Island
Joshua Ware and John Chavez
  1. The Autonomy of Air
  2. Yet Limned in Watercolor
Philip Terman
  1. Our Catholic Poet: Review of David Citino's A History of Hands
Scott Minar
  1. Unshakeable in the Storm of Passage: A Review of Dzvinia Orlowsky's Convertible Night, Flurry of Stones
Jane Lewty
  1. A Review of Zach Savich's Full Catastrophe Living
Michael McLane
  1. A Review of Kathy Fagan's Lip

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