Fall 2010

Table of Contents

Hear No Evil, or Fiction

Jeana Steele Burton
  1. This Most Certain Future
CJ Hauser
  1. Throw in Your Coins

See No Evil, or Nonfiction

Jessica Benjamin
  1. Lullaby
Mark Halliday
  1. Godard
Madelon Sprengnether
  1. When Other Worlds Invite Us

Speak No Evil, or Poetry

Tommy Archuleta
  1. Gravity
Roy Bentley
  1. A Philosophy of Florida
Molly Brodak
  1. Underneath at All
  2. The Folk Physics
James Engelhardt
Hugh Fox
  1. Toy-Storing I
  2. Toy-Storing 2
  3. Toy-Storing 3
Natalie Giarratano
  1. To All the Sheep on Conic Hill, Balmaha
C. John Graham
  1. Hormesis
  2. For a Reason
  3. Shooting Rabits
John J. Han
Jerry Harp
  1. A Pantoum of Goodbyes
  2. American Childhood
Mark Irwin
  1. Pastoral
  2. It
Jennifer Shomburg Kanke
  1. A Crash Course in the Philosophy of Passion
Megan Kaminski
  1. [White sunshine follows the hard frost]
Susanne Kort
  1. Nocturne
Robert Krut
Jeanne Larsen
  1. Our Galaxy, in Only a Few 10^12
  2. Listen to Bob Marley Bumper Says, but I've Been Reading
David Dodd Lee
  1. Thing I Bought at the Flea Market
  2. The Tree Doctor Says Entropy
  3. Unsquandered
Alex Lemon
  1. Sponsor This Gorilla
  2. More Being Wonderous
Sarah Maclay
  1. 18
  2. 19
Holaday Mason
  1. 20
  2. 33
Rose McLarney
  1. Young Couple
Carrie Oeding
  1. A Few Things I Did Well or At Least Better Than What Was Possible
  2. A Way to Live In The Neighborhood
Kathleen Ossip
  1. from American History (A Fearsome Solitude)
Cherry Pickman
  1. Jack-o'-Lantern
Martha Rhodes
  1. New Bed
  2. An Immense
  3. The Pleasures and Inconveniences of Being Detested
  4. The Jade Plant
Brad Richard
  1. Poem for Reginald Shepherd
Michael Robins
  1. Poem for James Shea
  2. We Were Armed & Dangerous
  3. Outside the Pay-Per-View Museum
Rob Schlegel
  1. from Bloom
Kevin Stein
  1. Blind Voyeur
  2. In Heaven
David Wagoner
  1. On Being Called Superficial
Joni Wallace
  1. Zoetrope, small horses and animals
  2. Twenty-first century best boy
  3. Everywhere like Paris
Mark Yakich
  1. Celebrity, the greatest of arts is the art of
  2. Pilot, my night with the married

White Chevy Pick-Up, or the Lovely Miscellany

Jeff Alessandrelli
  1. Gnossiene #4
David Bartone
  1. To Be Dangerous About
Jason Bredle
  1. The Death March
Serena Chopra
  1. Erosion
  2. Mantle Convection
  3. Convection
Michelle Disler
  1. [BOND, James] : anatomy—drinks
  2. Lucky Numer
Robert Glick
  1. Kraal
Michael McLane
  1. Aerial 1.03: Close-up of a Mark Hofmann forgery
  2. Tuesday; An Art Project
  3. Selenography by Joshua Marie Wilkinson
Amy Newman
  1. Dear Editor/ 2 January
  2. Dear Editor/ 23 March
Lance Phillips
  1. from Dream. Life. Pg. 19
  2. from Dream. Life. Pg. 27
F. Daniel Rzicznek
  1. from Leafmold
Jay Thompson
  1. excerpt from Passages
Matthew Thorburn
  1. Lynn Emanuel. Noose and Hook.
David Welch
  1. One Method of Discovery

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