Table of Contents

Special Online Feature: An Interview with Marcus Wicker


Dinah Cox
Margaret Hermes
  1. The One Who Left
Alex Poppe
Roger Sheffer
  1. Warninger's Likeability Test
Michael Webster Thompson
Caroline Zeilenga


Lance Larsen


Jeffrey Allen
Toby Altman
  1. Arcadian Rhetoric ( )
Bruce Bond
  1. Golden Ratio
Maxine Chernoff
  1. Untitled
Rob Cook
  1. In the Season Now Known as "Today's Shooting"
  2. Family
Matthew Cooperman
  1. 32 Variations on Billy the Kid
Emily J. Cousins
  1. OCT. (all night)
Kristina Marie Darling
  1. Salvage
  2. Awe
  3. Gorgeous Nothing
Dennis Etzel Jr.
  1. from My Grunge of 1991
  2. from My Grunge of 1991
  3. from My Grunge of 1991
  4. from My Grunge of 1991
  5. from My Grunge of 1991
Shawn Fawson
Peter Leight
Alex Lemon
  1. But Being So
  2. I am Thinking that You Are Thinking What I'm Thinking
Jennie Malboeuf
  1. Wilding
Oscar Oswald
  1. From the Chapbook The Precepts (A Postscript)
  2. From the Chapbook The Precepts (A Postscript)
  3. From the Chapbook The Precepts (A Postscript)
Simon Perchik
  1. L18
Michael Robins
  1. You Know It's Nearly Spring
  2. Without Streets We Can't Go Anywhere
Kathleen Rooney
  1. Les Vacances de Hegel
Stan Sanvel Rubin
Chris Santiago
  1. Counting in Tagalog
Veronica Schuder
  1. Alexandria
Ingela Strandberg
  1. [In the Moment]
  2. [The First Touch]
Adam Strauss
  1. Hapless Transport
Kerry Tepperman Campbell
Tony Trigilio

International Translations

René Char
  1. The Mana of Lola Aba
  2. Poem
  3. The Climate of Hunting or How Poems are Made
  4. Female Historian
Yang Mu
  1. As Yet Unattained
  2. On Meeting
Kjell Espmark
  1. "If" in Spring
  2. Summer Without Words
  3. Summer Solstice
  4. Surface

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