Issue 51.1, 2018

Table of Contents


Eric Henry Sanders
Chris S. Burns
Michael Chitwood
  1. Eve


Sarah Anne Strickley
Wendy Bilen


Adrienne Asher
Carol Durak
Darrell Dela Cruz
Jackleen Holton
Emily Pittinos
Margaux Griffith
Ceridwen Hall
Walter Bargen
Cedric Rudolph
Simon Perchik
  1. 1
  2. 2
Ryler Dustin
Janicanne Shane
Tracy Zeman
Sarah Blackman
Erik Orosco
  1. thinking about my uncle during a concert, November 9th
Brian Batchelor
Loretta Oleck
Rita Rouvalis Chapman
  1. Taking Account After Divorce
  2. Dear Syria
Jake Bailey
Jamie Wendt
Michael McLane
John Hyland
Andres Rodriguez
Bray McDonald
Christopher Rubio-Goldsmith
Esteban Rodriguez
Nancy Goldberg
Jessica Lieberman
Melissa Andres
Miranda Beeson
Stephen Massimilla
Taffeta Chime
Virginia Chase Sutton
  1. Postcards from Buenos Aires
David Koehn
  1. Delta 5: September 7th The Day After Reading Antin's "John Cage Uncaged Is Still Cagey" I See Waterweed Everywhere
  2. Delta 6: At The Corner Of Byron Highway & Camino Diablo There Is A Stoplight

Special Spanish/English Translations

Xavier Abril translated by Will T.F. Carter
  1. Intimacy
Julio Martinez Masanza translated by Stuart Jay Silverman
  1. Horses Also Die In Battle
Ricardo Guiraldes translated by Christopher Ringrose
Julio Cortazar translated by Carolina A. Herrera
Lope de Vega translated by Dan McIsaac
  1. Aubade
  2. River Song
Juan Ramon Jimenez translated by Dan McIsaac
  1. The Bridge of Love
Pablo de Rokha translated by Alani Rosa Hicks-Bartlett
Roberto Azcorra Camara translated by Pennell Somsen
Ricardo Nicolayevsky translated by Diego Gerard
Kate Kingston translated by Luisa Govela
  1. Que posee Lorca?

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