Jeff Tigchelaar I Bet If You Got a Job at the Wastewater Treatment Plant You'd Be Pretty Happy, at First

You might be pretty glad,
since you applied and all
and presumably beat out the other candidates,

and at breakfast that first morning
you'd say "Well, everyone: I'm off
to my new job at the wastewater treatment plant"
and you'd clear your plate and gather your things and give
a sort of salute-wave before heading out
with a fresh mug of coffee,

but by the next week, or maybe the next day,
you'd say something like "I'd better be off
to the plant" and this time no one would bother
saying "Okay! You have yourself a good one, Dave"

and by the next week, or even the next day,
maybe you'd just sigh and say "I'm off"
after staring awhile at your nice white bowl,
or you might just look at your watch and say "Shit."

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