Carter Smith New Blank Document

The trouble was it was spring. In the spring they went through the dumpsters in the alley. My neighbor, I can't remember if it was my neighbor or my friend, he put eggshells in his potted plants. Then, the light was longer. I looked for the late light in the sky, the blue going red, and saw wires above the tracks. I don't have to tell you that the kids were out, most of them with their drawing pads, or at least most of the ones I saw. I had been reading for so long. When you look up from a drawing, when you've been drawing, is the building made of lines the way the streetlamp is a sentence? Carlyle said of Johnson something Boswell couldn't say. I walked by the tree. It was in flower. If you could call them flowers. I didn't know its name. What was the difference. It was their century. All of us were wrong.

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