Julie Carr from Real Life : An Installation - Happiness Report

Temporarily set aside grieving for the future in order to note the way the bees blur the plum tree, the speedy guy in his T shirt straight out of history, the scent of my father's car, my parents speaking beside a bush, an infantile memory. This way I could allow happiness to have a place. Even with the trauma of a third knocked out tooth, this one lying there, a perfect specimen of baby, there is substance and we define it as that which is absolutely infinite, endless, without beginning, without end. My house: brick, mortar, wood, steel, plaster, paint, paint, plastic, blood on the wall. But the philosopher can live in any milieu so long as thought is free. I'll sleep just once in total piece/peace. Then my little one rises from the ground, all that blood falling out of her mouth—

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