Arthur Vogelsang According to Me

Each person tells the story differently—that's the natural law—
And I think it's wonderful. The same story! Differently!
Two people bad at being people got together.
Number Two said it was a one-way street—all number One
All the time. One said exactly what was wrong with Two, each thing
In exquisite detail. In this copper barrel—yes, their relationship
Was a copper barrel containing two bad people—
None of this gnawing on the wood to get out—trapped!
None of this prying the metal bands loose to get out. Trapped
Together in seamless copper! How unfair to Two!
I mean we find out what's wrong with Two, exquisitely detailed,
But Two hasn't likewise said everything wrong with One.
And One kind of likes being the one-way street thing—One
Is beautiful and talented and likes
It being One all the time, when attention Is called to that, when
Two calls out One on it.
I have come all this way to tell you Two
Is as beautiful and more talented, but that's the way it goes.

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