Arthur Vogelsang My Brain's Storage

Others remembered my disgrace chapter and face
But I could not recall one whipping
One word two people or one, age, or the rivers
That city was on or if it was on that
Farm I visited once, and my doctor said
This was good, we have a blessing here, not a place.
And to tell you the truth, to escape the blessing
I beat up someone badly and felt grace.
But for safety I looked in back of me as I walked
Forward, turned my head a lot, plus built my body
Quick and hard and bigger until it occurred
To me (and this was how
My brain was constructed and how good
My doctor was) I thought build up your brain
Too, dummy, and you'll remember and I have gotten
This far, and come all this way to tell you to your face,
I knew instantly never do that! that knowing all the stories
Takes up all the space!

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