Deborah Bernhardt Maritime Duchamp

Maritime Duchamp

A drawn bridge, ahoy, La broyeuse de chocolat, adrift in the VHF dimension: what is happening? Network of Stoppages, threaded leads for mapping routes without measure. The ship’s forward part of the routine—prow, inscape bow—cuts and steers. Transmissiently turns— osmotic passions! Then, to be saved, heads for the hard of the heart drive. Projecting edgy accentual parameters toward a flammable ending which sears or is from Sears. Ether oar ropes hold lineation to the prow. VHF 13 to Bridge Tender of the Delivery System: Pan-Pan, Pan-Pan, Pan-Pan, the Large Glass in Philly is filling with fine grinds. Filament figurations.

Atelier motives afire.

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