Kay Cosgrove Marriage


Until we were both long drowned in the darkness behind his eye.

Across the street, a woman makes her bed.

That I was the one who ordered the beer, who lingered in a hug a moment

too long.

See my legs interred in the bath?

It is important to use the right words,

So you’ll understand if I’m a little afraid

of the ocean.

I don’t want to say anything more.

And I’m afraid he isn’t on the guest list.

Inside his vest, I bellowed:

Yes, Boy, yes, Boy, yes yes yes.

Lying on our backs, we don’t know who’s

in houses, boys next to no one, dreaming wicked

or my hotwaterbottled body. But when he promised to love,

exiting baggage claim,

to scoop me up from the fire shop and put me here,


This is a singularly human experience.

Dirty, pretty knees,

never trust a boy who barks

when you are completely naked.

Leave the faucet on and swim toward me.

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