Kevin Craft An Illustrated Guide to Feathers

An Illustrated Guide to Feathers

1. Flight feather

At the beach a tall tree had acquired a parasail. We began by looking up. The wind began by returning the favor.

2. Contour feather

We turned a corner. We turned down the job offer in Oklahoma. We turned out in large numbers. We turned page after page in the guest book looking for a place to turn in. Things grow round in filtered sunlight.

3. Semiplume

Clouds had gathered at the watering hole. There was some pushing and shoving. There was some posturing and pasturing. Then everyone broke for the nearest speech balloon.

4. Down

Sleeping bags of America, rise up!

5. Bristles

He seemed like a nice person is no way to live.

These dishes will not break themselves.

6. Filoplume

Wind speed. Speed date. Date palm. Lamprey. Pyre.

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