Andrew Cox Regret Takes Me for a Ride in a Limo

(read by Bailey Wright)

Regret said they were playing games in the city where my oldest sister was in drug rehab and though I sent money it was not enough. I am not as good a person as I think I am. Regret said it is only now I miss my father who waits for me speak to him in the language of four-leaf clovers. My daughter did not escape the bad weather but at least I taught her how to use an umbrella. Go visit my youngest sister regret said and tell her X and Y add up to a number that contains everything that is going to happen to her. How nice it is to ride in a limo and look out the tinted windows at the landscape of lost chances as I sit in the backseat with my new friend and ask the driver to go faster. Regret said my mother was daydreaming in the nursing home with her mouth open wondering when one of her sons will come and take her away.

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