Austin Sanchez-Moran Puberty

James and the Giant Peach By: Roald Dahl (Novel: 1961, Film: 1996 Dir.- Henry Selick)

Every rhino,

the stupid beasts,

lives to eat

your parents.

They are dead and gone

in a jiffy, and now

you are alone

And now you turn to

being a nasty little beast

in a vast and desolate place.

So you go down

to the seaside,

a line of ink

beneath the rim of the sky,

groaning, crashing

moaning, about the grey

clouds as they charge

and you fall away,

to yell, “I am

not afraid of you!

You lump of smoke

And noise!”

But really you are just a peach

against the Empire State

and everyone who becomes full-grown

must capitulate.

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