Brent House Augur of Remiges

In a field of cold sloughs lost heart & salt blood

as a stole or tallit we lay in shadows of abell fire opsit God

timber & rafters of a sutler barn attame our fear its imprint root soil

flesh soil

& tonight a star of Bethlehem will appear skyrim

corradiate wisdom as elders scrolls point north safekeep & kindle warm

by paper & lightered

we sleep as if not held by a hand of spell a hand of bow a garsed past

clean wode

& a tome red hilt to present

a tree line iris light so we lay another board to flame to offal

to a dark cessation to sound a call to quarry

& in a swoop of hide gloam will rapture into talons & halflight

a still melee to wake our stare & to shrill our portent forest to break

to stall

& to prey as a wandreth howle as an omen to mind as spittle

to silence

devil birds sap cordate fire

nightjars break as a dark rachis to split flesh & loft hunger & nightfall

tellus of near bark distant hollow & tooth feather.

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