Catherine Anderson Dancing Over a Field of Snow

The most flavorful Detroit-area mushrooms are found on stumps or under pine trees. In the Soviet Zone of Germany parcels containing more than eight ounces of coffee, cocoa or chocolate will be confiscated. No foodstuffs or medicines may be sent to Romania. Hungary no longer requires certificates of disinfection for used clothing. According to Armenian tradition, the pudding “anooshabour” dates back to Noah’s Ark. What happens to the displaced person who brings old country skills and crafts? During late August, early September and into November factory workers on the edge of Detroit spend hours after work looking for mushrooms to bring home to their wives. Appeals for Lithuanian freedom and a pledge to continue aid to the Polish government exiled in London marked nationality events yesterday. For instance, there is “zupa grsyhowa,” a creamed mushroom soup served with white barley or noodles, but one of the tastiest is “pierogi,” a mushroom and cabbage dumpling prepared in a crescent shape and eaten with cream or melted butter. He was smuggled into Finland and then into Sweden. His arrest by the Germans came in Berlin the day after the Germans invaded Russia. For some reason the farther east in Europe you go, the better the mushrooms, Wojsowski said. Zither playing may be an almost forgotten art in the United States. It does no good to spend billions on foreign relations and then on the other hand pass a McCarran Act which tells all races except the Nordics they are undesirable. To the average American, mushrooms may be just something to eat with steak, but to the housewife of Polish descent they are almost as vital as salt and pepper. A concert of six Eastern Orthodox Church choirs will be presented at 3:30 p.m. next Sunday. By European tradition, bonfires are lit near chapels dedicated to St. John the Baptist, with all members of the parish bringing fuel for the fire. When we hunt for mushrooms, we cook them on hot stones and eat them with potatoes roasted in the fire. For the first time in the United States, a course in the Polish short story will be taught. Bits of embers are brought home as good luck against fire, lightning and disease. According to legend, white pebbles covering the field are the bread of Serbian troops in the 1389 battle, turned by a miracle into stone so hungry Turks would break their teeth. Often pickled or fried mushrooms are eaten as a meat substitute. Seal them in a jar with a mixture of vinegar, sugar and spices. Thus pickled they stay good for a couple of years. The word “sokol” means falcon, and to many Slav peoples, the symbol of freedom. The Russians will strike first, leading to the liberation of the Iron Curtain areas or Russia will collapse internally, but this is less likely. A favorite design is the “Snow Queen,” an Estonian girl in native costume dancing over a field of snow.

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