Catherine Anderson Three Volleys in Tribute to the Horse Soldier

As the parade passes the Soldiers and Sailors monument, three widows of Civil War veterans will pause to place a wreath. Poppies will be laid at the graveside to honor the dead of all wars. Jewish veterans will be honored at Hebrew Memorial Park. The Latvian maroon-white-maroon banner will fly next Sunday from the City-County Building. Some of the federal judges are reluctant to strike down laws relating to segregation because they feel indebted to the politicians who got them appointed. Items for sale include handmade lace, linens, embroidery, etched silver from India, harem slippers from Arabia, African ritual masks and handmade toys from Yugoslavia. The Edison Post Lamplighters drill team drew cheers from the crowd when they appeared in their elaborate green uniforms and high green hats. Mr. Boyd, who took part in a Freedom Ride of white and Negro Episcopal clergymen last fall, spoke at the 99th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. Lord, emancipate our love from self love. The collection will help to build a factory in Poland to make artificial limbs for victims of Nazi atrocities. Lord, emancipate our minds, our emotions, from hate of each other. Lutnia’s singers took part in a program with a group of Polish dancers, interspersing traditional Polish songs with dances such as the “Oberek” and the “Polonaise.” The traveling past president of the Polish Century Club, S. Charles Nowak, has become a stamp collector’s dream. One of Nowak’s letters from South Viet Nam was nearly covered front and back with postage from the southeast Asian country. Lord, emancipate our lips from carrying into another generation the lies we have told in this generation. During the Polar Bears convention at the Pick-Fort Shelby Hotel, the association of veterans who fought the Bolsheviks in northern Russian in World War II remembered their fallen comrades. We must be prepared to go out on a limb when necessary to test barbershops or restaurants where they are segregated. Ukrainians in the old country think of the “trembita” as a long horn, like the ones blown by Swiss shepherds. Candles were lit and the traditional church bread, “prosphora,” was cut by Bishop Damaskin. He explained that the bread is made in two portions symbolizing the divine and human nature of Christ. One of Leopold’s major interests is to assist victims of Nazi persecution in pressing their claims for compensation against the German government. A 23-year-old woman, the daughter of a Detroit dentist, who now lives in the South today pledged to have her baby in jail rather than give up the fight against racial segregation. It doesn’t make any difference whether a Southern black baby is born in jail or not because the whole South is a jail. After working on a telegram to Mr. Kennedy, Detroit Cubans listened to Havana radio to see what reaction to the blockade emanated from Cuba. Detroit is the home of the country’s only complete balalaika orchestra. The instrument has three catgut strings, with a system of the semi tone, the whole tone and the minor third on each string. Lord, emancipate our hearts from scalding pain.

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