Catherine Anderson Whose Name Means 'Stars' In Arabic

(read by Reid Latimer)

Go into any cemetery in Detroit and rub the marble surface of a monument with your hand. Monsignor Jasinkski called the period between the two world wars in the United States a black hour, with racism, nationalism and isolationism rampant. Training workers was a problem in Poland shortly after World War II when skilled technical men were either dead or had left the country. Although the parade began in what many feared would turn into a blizzard, the weather eased by the time the Detroit Edison Co. Calliope passed the reviewing stand. McNamara, he said, is pushing American boys into Vietnam like he pushed dollars into the defunct Edsel. Marble is a living compound made from molecules of coral and other hardshell mollusks, formed the same way as chalk. A USO survey of American troops in Vietnam showed the men would like to receive letters from home, pictures of loved ones, local newspapers, magazines, ball point pens, writing paper, homemade cakes, candies and cookies. How to clean the marble outside the main Detroit Public Library was still debated today. Soccer is one of the few things that brings ethnic groups together without any feeling of animosity. He was playing in Toronto and came to Detroit to play with an all-star team against the Carpathian Kickers. The Kickers won. An exposition highlight is the new ultrasonic image conversion system called Ultra-Scan that permits the user “to see the sound.” Lebanese dances are based on stories handed down generation to generation. They are all authentic and not the type seen in nightclubs. One of the troupe’s leading dancers is Kawakab, whose name means “stars” in Arabic. You are inviting trouble if you clean marble with an abrasive, but if it has to be done, do it with care and wide nozzles. Even chocolate bars are examined by X ray before going to market. Candy makers search for bobby pins or anything else that people along the assembly line accidentally drop into the candy. Michigan is an unfavorable area for marble because of the presence of salt in the atmosphere. The Legion is asking residents to send packages to American troops in Vietnam and CARE packages for the troops to distribute personally to the Vietnamese. Swedish Prime Minister Tage Erlander today called for negotiations to end the war in Vietnam while visiting on a trade mission here. Some marbles are hard and others are softer. Marbles vary in character and resistance. As you get older the Bible means more to you , he said. Reading the Bible in Hebrew, you get the full thought, the complete idea.

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