Grace Bauer Ms. Schadenfreude Meets the Morotcycle Black Madonna

No dashboard virgin glowing protection

or mobile prayer -- this one is hell

on wheels, gunning her engines and ready

for whatever rough road lies ahead.

She’s already been down a few,

taken her share of hits and bumps, scrapes

and side-swipes and near-misses. They’ve left her --

not mean, as some might suggest -- just prepared

for whatever worst she may someday run into.

She can laugh over spilled milk, watch water

flow over the dam or under the bridges others might

feel inclined to try and mend without braking

for nostalgia. Ms. Schadenfreude admires her

chutzpa, not to mention her leather outfit – the hint of veil

on her helmet a relic of the woman she was

before she took her place among more earthy angels.

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