Jennifer Militello microscope slide

The object has its figure. The instrument magnifies the lurch. Telescope to our planetary cells cloudy and with brine, spherical and with the thin singe of paper.

Its convex cylinder collars the source and we see with an adjustment: candle/liquor/wire/screen

I diagram that which is joined with water. I diagram particles axon-filled. Load at the lungs. Unload at the blood. Laminated. Copper as hypothesis. Copper as oxygen pale in the mouth.

Because the blood would be bottled with bile.

Saline causes no mutation. Saline causes flint to the flint to the flint. Spark spark. Manifest and mineral, the spread of its granules destroy. Another dilution.

At a counterfeit coagulation, its shell goes hollow, its plated nature parcels out step by step a remembered reach or injection of code.

The curiosity of us mushrooms. We lean in. Results dissolve. We record the generated bottom again and chart the mentioned proportion.

Results result.

Inquiry leads to a convenient forgetting of the body. Inquiry leads to an outtake of air. Inquiry leads to the braided hair of the highway being let down. Inquiry leads to the cavitied hours racing toward their coalition, left unobserved.

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