Shawn Fawson Night Comes On

Remember, we told stories

on the way to sleep. When the cat

left the room we felt the darkest dark

enter. Of the world's laments we heard

something elemental. Water trickles

on its own weight. Bees rework

the hive. In bonfires we age,

in lichen we stay the same.

Wind rises in the hawthorn,

and a dream comes true.

I saw a freighter stilled by small craft,

the night unbaling pepper

still warm from the East China Sea.

You saw a team of horses coming

to the field's edge to meet you

on your way home. Other nights

we woke to mistakes--in part

our own doing--leaving a door unlocked,

cutting off a phone call too soon

and saying aloud, I've decided

how I want to live and it isn't this

when we meant don't go.

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