Aby Kaupang Flame Falls as Falls the World Down

for David Bowie and C.D. Wright, 2016

everyone choosing deepstep

the tongue the hair the leg

the scent the door the rain

the sightless

in stranger’s breath the jewel opens

to last within the stars

he calls “we're paint breath all in all”

stars deep line

turned signal love

to fences call the world leave


the sad love the car sky the poultice

the into eyes the glove

the eyes that closed within eyes

there's love’s


boneman kind the stranger’s part paints stranger’s stars

everyone choosing deepstep

the hot-herb the darkened room the breath

the shift the hour the driver dogs

I'll with meat eyes make

I'll in darkened room

I’ll the road to shift the stars

I'll the streak the lungs the moon lane

I'll is for morning’s morning love

the blear the boneman the vineyard now

We're the mullein then the river then the driver dogs

public places pale the skin

the line the glove the then for what

for dreams eyes evening’s flame

& there’s you still thrill hour of the would to love

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