Aby Kaupang Sunlight Comes Shinning

everyone tilting sunlight

the anther the fiddlehead the hycinithth

June! Everyone tilting sunlight

such tight seed our beings


a season behind

we buy a schnauzer watch Colbert wait

for the sprinkler systems & oil changes

\Mackey Daphneys & Alec Baldwen

to spill out their fume

my god what a lilac

what a lune (loon)

spring or summer

the time for healing foundation-

rebuilding is June

try it again loves

fresh starts seedlings puppies

surprise ducks in your hedge

& eggs!

so many volunteers

I know I am doomed

I’ve done it all


no doubt no doubt

(& so many leaves will fall from these trees

but for now!)

the neighbor John who knew these things

is dead & his wife and his child

are pantomime

no doubt no doubt

EVERYONE tilting sunlight

the urban urban pastoral pastoral

a myth charming everyone

tilting sunlight

it’s just a reaction writing

of bees & lambs

we have always written of bees & lambs

everyone always tilted to sunlight

Lula Cora Lila Harley Lily Luli

dawnstep a dog to be named is a breath on the lips

in a sign of the times in a call for a song to heal us


is mud step

is I am always sliding


your doorstep

the always ever always recurring


control has not been here in a a while long while

write your thank-you notes

thank you

everyone tilts towards sunlight

everyone tilts towards sunlight



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