Genevieve Kaplan from g r e e n r o o m

Because Anything Can Be Made Out of a Lawn Chair

A line is a line, weft is a weft: a pattern

that may be disrupted.

In unweaving, the challenge occurs

of unkinking, of returning thread to its spool, of it no longer

being un-used--

so, bend the use out to help it reform?

Or: un-form to allow it to spool?

Think of a thread and think of a yarn and think

of a use. The deconstruct it.

One: a knit that is also a weave, a scarf made out of scarves.

The bigger the bulk, the quieter the weave (more muffled).

Or: ribbon. To weave with fabric that has already been

woven. That's one


The Other Beginning Again

The other beginning-again-range, the threatening hum

in the street, or another

would arrive, pelting tomatoes or jarring the doors

and blocking the windows, leaving signs

on the lawn. That attack, so totally imaginary, also all

so much realer. I mean, feeling real. I mean

disjointed at the hip of it and aching

because of sitting, aching because of sleeping, and aging

and thinking how the chair forms around, or how echoes

in the street form around, or how the light

in the ceiling is more than enough

—provides more than enough—

for the entire room.

The bird a stand-in, yes, like the yard a stand-in, like

the disappointment of trying so very hard, one’s so-very-best,

and failing again, or hung on a technicality or list

in the right. So many many roads

and lead which way, so many many cars, so many types

of cars. Here are a few: convertible, 1980s, Fiat, underbelly, bumperscooter.

Finding that last tossed around a bit

on the sidewalk, under a tree or a flagpole. Does the detail

draw you in? Why should it? Teak

and mahoagony are trees, pork and beef animals

to be eaten. If I. Yes, if I. And in that stutter another awareness

of pause, of knowing the other-after, of finding

the moon-landing, the moment of decision or step when everything

changed, and would change, and would see it twinned forward from here.

One Arch in The Garden

alternately, the room

defined by its low

brick border the room

inside the room inside

the canopy inside the city of trees the designated

city the bricks the other bricks the room the other room

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