Merkin Karr A Porcelain Confession

the romans once believed that

early christians stole babies

and baked them into bread

eating the children’s flesh

And sometimes communion tastes like colonialism & I’m

almost ashamed at how easy it is for me to swallow.

you once told me you

didn’t believe in god

and i dont think I ever

really digested that

And the first time he touched me I both died and sang praise.

The second time abducted me.

our mother who

art in the pulpit,

hallowed be her

name. her kingdom

will never come

And at age eight I made racist comments in support of a racist

choir teacher & I was so guilty that I wrote a letter the next day

apologizing to my class & for a long time I used to feel good about that.

for a long time

i thought that

made it okay

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