Michael Martone from Re: Memoranda

The Chief Calligrapher in the White House Office of Graphics and Calligraphy Who Officially Reports to the Chief Usher But Works More Closely with the Social Secretary Visualizes the Memorandum He Is About to Compose

Invitations, place cards, letters patent, commissions, proclamations, greetings—serifing bridging ligatures connecting the gesturing spanning from the President’s asemic inkwell tweeking tweaking tweeting tongue to...

The Deputy Chief, Atlantic Hydrographic Branch, Hydrographic Surveys Division, Office of Coast Survey, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Admires the Chart the Schooner Mercantile’s Captain Consults, Close-Hauled Beneath the Deer Isle Bridge, Eggemoggin Reach, Maine

It floats, a still pool of soundings. I’m incognito, vacationing. These charts? Discontinued. Unsalvageable. Lithography sunk like a stone. “Where are we?” I ask, knowing.

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