Annie Diamond Of the spine

200 distinct bones in the adult

skeleton, 26 of those spinal, 5

of those lumbar. 2 of those

I broke.

But breaking backbones needs

another kind of verb. I broke 2

lumbar vertebrae sounds

like dishware.

Fractured is better,

more medical, but still.

I fractured 2 vertebrae

sounds too much

like I chose it.

English needs better verbs of

accident, another construction


active and passive;

I fell 30 feet through

a roof

too intentional,

I was falled not

right either.


responders, weeks later,

told me I fall good, must

have a flair for it.

I should have broken

arms or ankles, never

been able

to walk again.

I should have died, none

of them said. I am not un-

grateful. I have

good luck, strong bones,

no memories. I am about

the same.

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