Christopher Rubio-Goldsmith Workshopping a Poem

You need to use italics,

so the reader knows it’s a different language.

Hay caramba

Do you think the readers will

understand a “speed bag”

is what a boxer trains with

because that image made me think of drugs.


What’s menudo? Do they really eat that?

Do you have to use so much Spanish?

A pachuco wears nice clothes?

Cholas have big hair.

What is a Sancho?

I love the Day of The Dead costumes.

Sin verguenza.

But the drug cartels

cut off heads and leave them in the

Arizona desert.


My grandmother

would rise early in Douglas Arizona

and make the tortillas de arina.

My grandfather walked with them

in his lunch pale, con frijoles,

and a thermos of cold milk.

A small jar contained

the chiltipins.

The poem reads like

A counter narrative.

You should write a poem

About the Chupacabra.

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