Diane Wald My Undertaker Wears A Sweet Cologne

I mean, I like it. He gets up close to you, real close – he has to. It’s his job.You know he’s probably going to say you belong underground, but it’s not the man’s fault, not at all. Better him than some others I can think of. And if you’re not dead you don’t have to listen to him anyway, but just in case. The only advice he ever gave me was “never give a dog a tomato,” but he didn’t explain why. He looks like the kind of guy who has a falsetto. Not that he uses it, just that he has one. And if you ask him too many questions he will tell you he’s been exhausted by the surreal that day and will have to get back to you. And he will. He’s a gentleman after all, and I suspect a bit sad but not depressed. I glimpsed the inside of his Audi: filled with clouds. Last year he fell in love with and married one of his clients. He’s a great guy.

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