Tara Orzolek Courtesy call

The specific beauty of her problem is that she was trying to find her

way around without a map, with just the navigational resources

streaming in the sky with a basic knowledge of constellations that

she found on discarded wrappers and by meticulously culling

bookshelves. It would happen at night when she would be afraid of a

phrase when there would be strange insects sitting around looking for

light looking for some source for something to nourish themselves.

You can’t call it a phobia when you’re not sure where the destination

is you can’t. Albeit when you were a demon it was a baby and a

beautiful sunlight dripping with gold and arching and ecstasy. You

can’t call it a phobia when the moat they have to cross hasn’t been

taped up there and perhaps never was there. You just think it was

there because you read about it and you saw the slideshow you filled

out the application and you sent your money in like a good girl like

everyone else. When she was lost she needed to place a courtesy call

to the stars in the form of a primal scream that sounded like nothing

new. But the fact remains she made the courtesy call, and because it

was courteous, her prayers were answered.

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