Zoe Canner secular diaspora in parts

secular diaspora

in parts


when someone meets you

and thinks you are a jewish bitch

there's no changing their mind.


when a man says

oh, she's trying to be all sexy

referring to you

you are embarrassed

because you are not trying

to be all sexy


when a couple meets you and they think you're irish and don't believe you and laugh when you say you're jewish, it's kind of a relief they like you


when some

jewish person finds out you're


and thinks you're “jewish like them”

it's worse than skinheads


when people tell you jewish stories to

prove they are

not anti-semitic, like you give a fuck,

you taste the bitter tinniness of token


when your friend sees you roll your eyes or laugh, talk trash, bitching about a jew, they feel comfortable enough to do it, too


when you drink tea you like it


and you blow on it

you wave your hand over the steam of your tea

cup and you could be anywhere.

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