Elaine Terranova Mirror

I call her from our cabin in the woods. She says to me, isn’t it funny? she’s in the woods too. “It’s all green outside. The kids have treated me to a holiday,” she thinks, because they are like that. “Always doing funny things for me that will make me happy.”
______Can she go swimming where she is? Has she met the other people there?
______“I’ve only been here maybe four days!” she tells me, so I don’t think she’s had all the time in the world.
______She thinks the place is in Florida but in a strange part, maybe far away from where she lives. I ask if she got there by train. By car, maybe?
______“Oh, it must have been car. But I don’t know who drove me. (Isn’t that funny?) They even brought my sofa. And I see all my books on a shelf. And some writing paper too,” things to make her feel at home.
______“But they can’t have meant for me to stay. I’ll call them and find out where I am. “
______“What do you with yourself there every day?” I ask.
______“What do you do where you are?”
______“I take walks, hikes, really. Because it’s pretty hilly.”
______“Me too! Do you wear hiking boots? I do, but they’re a little tight so they pinch.”
______I agree. “And they are also very heavy.”
______“Mine too! I’ll have to get a new, light pair if I stay here. Oh, I just looked in the kitchen and they even thought to bring my kitchen table so I can make dinner. Isn’t that nice?"

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