Grant Matthew Jenkins Unseen Time

you know there has always been a crush
of the unseen world upon our time-
bent plan of horse-tramped chaparral
and worn moss-rock.
________________Our moral coil
chafes against the animal meat of
our feet on the clay, suspicious

of the ubiquitous spirit-shadows.
Drink deeply of the spirit inherent,
Imbibe of the water from the proverbial

Stone. We all have that rock in our
blood, which was once rock, the iron
of our veins. An in each molecule,

A universe, a blade of gas spurting
from the cut in the rock, the torrid
ghosts of your ancestors, their

organic gold fueling all we do, their
fire cascading down generations, un-
remembered, unsung.
___________________Each swell from
you, a swell of wind from ancestors
resent even now in your cells.

They call and call. You only need.
To act.
______To actualize. To see unseen.

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