M.A. Vizsolyi Moonlight Vision

I wasn’t sure where to go. I walked to
the sea as I always did, as if at some time
there might be a track in the sand or
a boat coming into port, & that’s the
nature of it, I guess, & why people would
go away to it. Hope, I think, & I thought
that perhaps that’s where they went, all
of them en masse walked into the sea,
defeated though they went with honor—
led by some strange final force to return
to something unboxed & real. So they
were out there, I thought, at peace at
the bottom. I wondered if they saw some
stars as they were going down, eternal,
causing them to lose their courage for
just a minute & flap their arms, but
this was just a fleeting thought, & soon
another image took its place & then
another, equally dark, equally fleeting.

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