Michael Romary Now and Wigner

if consciousness ___ in the universe ____ is pervasive,
____and it is, ___________________________and it holds you,

______________________________-____-_and holds you

and yet there is no other face you will have,
_______________________________no other body you will have….

when wigner said that____“numbers are unreasonably effective but undeserved for us,”

how is one then to be remembering ____ all is real ___ here __ now

___-_and yet all is seamless, _ lissome, __-__ membranes porous to each other,

that allow all to change,
______________________so that even the mist
___________________________________will pass through….

it need not be you
as you know you though,
that it holds,

__________________at best in moments __of undeserved, unwarranted peace,

you not being who you say you are
_______________________from now ___ to ______ now

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