Paul Dickey We never Understood Ezra Pound

Everyone was perfectly aware that T.S. Eliot had no choice but to write The Waste Land given the circumstances of the twentieth century which he perfectly understood but needed notes to explain. Carlos Williams was delivering babies and writing notes to their mothers that it was he who had eaten the plums out of the refrigerator. Robert Frost had to work the farm that day mowing the hay with nothing but the sound of sense and couldn't make it into town to offer support at the hearing, and, of course, Stevens was writing insurance contracts out of his imagination while trying hard not to think about God. But Ezra, in the beginning, had created Bloomsbury and Paris. And the evening and the morning were the first day. he wanted to make all thing new, even if it had meant treason. The D.A. says Ezra hears Mussolini's radio through his teth. A good attorney today could have got him off. Called them podcasts. "Judge, the defendent himself admits he botched the Cantos." But Ezra couldn't leave well enough alone and added like America had bothced civilization.

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