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New Online Content -- "As if she were something opened"

As if she were something opened

by Rosetta Ballew-Jennings

True desire is when your whole being is soaked in the image of your desire and you cannot see the difference between your desire and the physical world around you.

-Tulshi Sen

As if she were something opened,
exposed to immeasurable space
she lines the walls with herself-

desire between the window panes and flush
against the outlet-plate screws.

I know from her, it is a haphazard embodiment-
She doesn't know how to be the room.

And then,
she is the house.

I love her. She is the house. I am among others.
She is the house. It matters only as much
as it matters. She is the house.
She is the house opened up to the sky.
True desire.

And the people? Perpetually stationed
at the mailbox and signposts

waiting for rain, or maybe a tornado
and we are taking bets on what comes first and
who will last.