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New Online Content -- "Confession #3" and "Confession #4" by Jason Bradford

We were saddened to hear the news of poet Jason Bradford's recent death. In honor of Jason, we would like to offer two of his poems which appear in our newest issue (48.2).

Confessions #3

If I could say something

about the pancreas then I would

say the tomatoes are green

but then I’d have to plant them,

and it’s been minutes since the sun

leaked on the bamboo floor.

It has been hours since

the phonecall.

I wish

there was some

thing meaning

ful. When the birds ask

what I want

to be, I say I sing


like a lantern.

Then a storm blows through a stop sign

and like a rhinoceros

I sit simply

underneath a blue umbrella.

Maybe it’s silly, but.

Confessions #4

The ocean mass

ages my ear


to sleep like stat

ic. Sea

weed fossilizes

on my lips. An octo

pus chews

through my molars.

In the dark I try to sit

on the shore

with a sea slug.

I try to d

raw dreams in the sand.

The waves say

they are playing

every time they run a

way. Fish leap

through my eyes. A star

fish stores its

elf in my lower man

dible. My spine itches

with barn acles.

I have n’t felt

this anx

ious in 29.53 days.