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New Online Content -- "Labyrinth Sequence" by Oliver de la Paz

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Olivar de la Paz Labyrinth Sequence

Labyrinth 87

The boy in the labyrinth wonders at the shape of the minotaur's inner-

ear--its labyrinthine tubes spiral into smaller and smaller tubes. It is

the nature of artifacts to have fractures, missing pieces, an errant image

rubbed raw against the weather. And here, the beast's ear is missing part

of a lobe. The boy puts his hand on the wound. Feels the hardened edge

of it which yields to the velvety soft parts not maimed by sword or the

panicked nails of the beast's victims. The boy rubs the beast's ear. Pinches

the tissue between his thumb and middle finger. And the beast stirs a little.

It moves. Its fur rising and falling between the boy's soft strokes.

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