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Weekly Feature- "My Wife the Tornado"

This week's feature is from issue 48.2 called "My Wife the Tornado" by Taylor Collier.

When she came home from work
she hurled her keys into the void
of our apartment sometimes they’d
wedge in the corner of the couch or
skid across the kitchen floor but that
afternoon they hit the big bookcase
and dangled over the back end of
the top shelf and though almost every
morning involved a mad scramble to
find them the following morning we
killed forty-five minutes searching
and when I finally held them up she
went to snatch her purse from the sink
where she’d left it but heading out
the door she paused at the entryway
and looked down as if the shoes she’d
pulled off and thrown in opposite di-
rections the previous afternoon would be
waiting for her right there and when
they weren’t her face flushed and she
flipped a switch she couldn’t flip any-
where else but home and launched into
attack mode saying I needed to give up
this poetry thing because I was twenty-
four and hadn’t made it as a writer so
therefore probably never would and
it felt like invisible threads were trying
to pull me out of myself I didn’t know
how to respond so I stared the front door
down for half an hour after she slammed it
behind her but how could that prepare me
for that afternoon when she came home
and peeled off her rain-soaked jacket
and tossed it on a stack of my student
papers announcing that I needed to get
a quote unquote real job or that night
when I reached out to hold her in bed
I got an elbow in my side and she said
I was just like her molester