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Weekly Feature- "Small Scale"

This week's feature is from issue 49.2 called "Small Scale" by Peter Leight.

My room is big enough, and also small enough, I like to be able to touch everything in reach, of the four corners how many do we actually use? Sometimes I lean one way or the other, reaching out in order to extend my reach, when I touch the wall it’s my wall-span. The light comes from the left, as in Vermeer’s rooms. There is a window across from the door, on the opposite side of the room, before I open the window I close the door, before I close the door I turn on the lights, not all the lights but the lights that are normally on when I’m inside. Every day I move the furniture around until it’s in the right place for that day, as if I’m moving in with myself. Telling myself please move over. My drawers are full of what I want near me but closed in, confined, things I don’t use but can’t bear to give away. I’m not even opening my favorites—sometimes I think we pay more attention when there’s less to pay attention to. I have a program that cleans up all the other programs, making room for everything I need to have room for, for now I’m sticking to the basic exercises with broad applicability, the slide is an example, or changing positions. Picking a little, as when you deadhead the irises. Everybody knows the nuclear family has been split up.