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Weekly Feature- "Temporal Location Finder"

This week's feature is by "Temporal Location Finder" by Christopher Kennedy from our 48.1 issue.

Temporal Location Finder

I walked through a seemingly endless field with a woman covered with bees. A child covered with scorpions followed. The woman raised her arm, and some of the bees rose up slightly and hovered before settling back on her bare skin. After we walked a few miles, we found ourselves in what appeared to be the middle of the field. We met a man covered with vultures, and I asked him where to go next. The man, who was lying on his back, pointed east and west, and when I asked him which way we should go, the man said nothing. I've heard of this, I said, but I never thought I'd live to see it. I looked behind me and there stood the bee woman and the scorpion child. They seemed to be waiting to see what would happen next. A few more vultures flew toward the supine man and landed on his head. So this is death, I said, and the woman and the child shook their heads carefully so as not to disturb the things that defined them. I looked right then left, in the opposite directions the man's arms suggested, and it was obvious to me then where the field began and ended.